Hematri and the Winterborns

Hematri is the Deity of Winter. Her arrival casts the world down into freezing temperatures that blanket the land with white. Some call her the harshest and most unfair of the Deities, but others see her torment not as a punishment but as a test. It is claimed that Hematri does not make people suffer from malice but strengthens them by pushing hardships that draw out inner strength that may not have been known before. People that fall to Hematri’s cruel lesson are often considered to be weak or unprepared. Those that squander all during the time of sun or ignore Messiravus’ warnings are foolish, and will get their reward from Hematri’s cold hand.

The Winterborns are patient and relaxed. At one with the sea and rivers, many say they have peaceful water within them instead of blood, and their chosen professions often find them near or on the water. Others often see their peaceful nature as a flippant disregard to more serious problems. They can be as hard working and tireless as Summerborns, but often work slower. The difference can be seen in the constant progress that they make regardless of the conditions. As stubborn as they are patient, many are fooled into thinking a Winterborn will back down because of their peaceful nature.

It is easy to understand why Winterborns have chosen white and shades of blue as their colours. Designs range from ships and fish to winter flowers and sweeping lines thought to be the movement of the waves.