Messiravus and the Autumnborns

Messsiravus is the Deity of Autumn. His withdrawn, grey nature is a warning that a darker time is coming and is therefore associated with preparation. He encourages introspection and self doubt too, though this is often overshadowed by His connection to sorrow. Messiravus also looks after the trees, seen across the land as the sign of stability and preparation, and birds, though only an old myth can shed light on the reason why these two are not part of Verisae’s domain.

Autumnborns are introverted, thoughtful and quiet. They are more in touch with their emotions than the other Seasonborns and seek creative outlets to save themselves from being driven down by the often conflicting thoughts. Rather then the creative outlets chosen by the Springborns, Autumnborns tend to become poets, writers and painters. The few musicians and singers that can overcome their withdrawn natures share the most haunting and unforgettable music. A predisposition for careful planning and logical thinking has given the Autumnborns a reputation for intelligence, but you’ll never hear an Autumnborn saying this about themselves.

There is no dominant colour for Autumnborns as some choose the browns and burnt oranges that match the fading leaves while others prefer shades of grey. Whether the choice of grey is to match the often overcast skies, the frequent fog or their own inner troubles is known only by the wearer.