Verisae and the Springborns

Verisae is the deity of Spring. She comes to a world covered in frozen white and wastes no time chasing it away with Her warm spring rains. She is associated with growth and new beginnings and teaches that even after the hardest of times, a new beginning awaits if you can survive. Verisae looks after most of the wildlife on Temporeus, all living creatures except the birds are watched over by Her.

The Springborns are those born when Verisae is in control of Temporeus. Full of life, they can be fidgety and impulsive, never wanting to stay in one place for long or consider what should come next, preferring to act and live now. They have an affinity to animals and tend to the plants and flowers of Temporeus. Their lively, extrovert nature and bursting creative energy also gives them a natural talent for creativity that can be seen by minstrels and entertainers across the world.

The colours associated with Verisae and the Springborns are green and yellow, often decorated with motifs of animals and flowers.